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Where are we?

We are in the Republic of Mali, a landlocked country in Western Africa.

Our headquarter is in a small village, Douentza, the perfect base for exploring the Dogon villages in the area.













Mali is one of the Western Africa country, located in the Paese situato nel cuore dell’Africa Occidentale, its size is 1.241.238 km² of which 2/3 is desert.

The population counts 13,5 milioni people with a growth rate of 3% per year.

Most of the population (70%) live in rural area.

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2005 the average worker's annual salary has been calculated approximately to 380$US.

59,3% of the population live in poor conditions.

Most of the activiities in Mali are related to agricultur, breeding, silviculture and fishing.

Mali's key industry is agriculture expecialy cotton which is the country's largest crop exported. Instead 15% of the population is involved in the service sector.

Mali's resource in livestock consists of millions of cattle, sheep, and goats.

Mali produces also rice, millet, corn, vegetables, tobacco as weel as gold.

Gold, livestock and agriculture amount to 80% percent of Mali's exports.

Seasonal variations lead to regular temporary unemployment of agricultural workers, and influence the population condition of living.




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