APPUI SANS FRONTIERES  - Association humanitaire - MALI

About us

After years of experience working with foreign charity associations as volunteers, Oumar and Claudia decided to found Appui Sans Frontiers and worked even closer to support the local life.


 Oumar  Kassogué, born in Mali, is a teacher and the supervisor of the secondary school (cicle II) in Douenza. Between 2006 and 2010 he was the local project manager of an Italian ONG.






Claudia Berlendis Kassogué, born in Italy, is an archaeologist. Between 2008 and 2010 she was the project manager of an Italian ONG.





They both live in Douenza, where they have established the headquarter of the association.

Thanks to the support of an Italian association, they were already able to carry out the projects described below.


School and education

  • 3 new schools in Doungouri (Hombori) – Banikani Sonrai (Douentza) – Duia (Toumbouctou)
  • installation of solar panels for the school in Ibissa
  • renovate the primary school in Douentza
  • installation of electricity at the secondary school in Douentza
  • supply of educational materials to different school in Douentza
  • repair of hundreds desks at the school of Hombori


Water supply and agriculture

- two big water well in Manko (Douentza), Waami (Hombori) and Fero Orowal (Douentza);
- enlargement water well in Koubewel Kondia (Douentza), Theh Shaq (Toumbouctou)  and Ouro Hamma Allaye (Douentza);
- substitution of water pump in Ibissa, Djanweli Maoudé, Djimé, Douma, Banikane Songhoi, Banikane Peul, Tacouty, Torobany, Guaikindé,  Théh Shaq, Tabi, Kori Kori e Karakindé.

- establishment of a vegetable garden at the school of Waami (Hombori).
- organition of an agronomy course for students at the school of Waami.



- Reconstruction of the infirmary in Ibissa
- Collaboration between italian doctros and the medical infrastructure of Douentza and surrounding.


- Technical support of 11 femal cooperations in Douentza, Bandiagara, Hombori e Sangha.



- Donations of clothes for orfans, and kids in difficult economical situation;
- Donations of mattresses, blankets, mosquitos nets and soaps for the old-age pension of Bandiagara (Amba Obi).


Executive Board :

  • President :  Oumar Kassogué
  • Treasurer :    Claudia Berlendis Kassogué
  • Administrator: Drissa Traoré        
  • Development Planning Manager:   Madani Sougouna
  • Operating Officer:  Boureima Kassogué

Supervisory Board :

  •   Hamadoun Ganaba
  •   Oumar Dicko
  •   Djènèba Ongoiba



  • Oumar Kassogué (Mali)
  • Claudia Berlendis Kassogué (Mali)
  • Mamadou Konta (Mali)
  • Madani Sougouna (Mali)
  • Drissa Traoré (Mali)
  • Boureima Kassogué (Mali)
  • Adama Konaté (Mali)
  • Vieux Farkoye (Mali)
  • Nouh Tabalaba (Mali)
  • Fatoumata Morba (Mali)
  • Federica Lamonaca (Italy)
  • Petra Gringhmuth (Italy)
  • Valeria Boi (Italy)
  • Milena Stacca (Italy)
  • Elena Trovesi (Germany)




Ongoing projects

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